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Wootton Wawen station entrance
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Wootton Wawen Station

1908 - Present

Opened as Wotton Wawen Platform in 1908 on the new GWR North Warwickshire line connecting Birmingham through Henley in Arden to Stratford, this stop has enjoyed a fairly uneventful history. In GWR parlance, a 'platform' was of greater significance than a 'halt' in that it was minimally staffed and usually had some parcels facilty, but did not enjoy the staffing or goods facilities associated with a 'station'. In fact, the 'platform' was not dropped from Wootten Wawen's name until 1973 - well into BR's reign! Above we see the entrance to the station from Wawensmere Road - no means of crossing the line are provided so a long entrance path leads up to the site from either side of the Wawensmere Road bridge seen to the left of this shot.

B4089 Road Bridge at Wootton Wawen station
Wootton Wawen station towards Stratford

Above-left we see the station looking in the direction of Stratford with the B4089 Alcester Road bridge ahead. In its GWR days the station facilities were only slightly less sparse than they are today with a corrugated iron clad small station building/waiting room on this platform and a pagoda-style waiting room on the Stratford platform. Above-right we take a closer look at the line heading-off towards Stratford.

Wootton Wawen station waiting room
Wootton Wawen station looking towards Birmingham

Above-left we have turned to face Birmingham and can see the concrete-bunker type waiting room in situ today. I'm sure passengers of bygone years thought the GWR pagoda a somewhat unimaginative and 'cheap' platform facility but I'm sure they'd reconsider when seeing what today's travellers had to contend with! Above-right we take a zoomed shot towards Birmingham over the Wawensmere Road bridge.

Wootton Wawen station Stratford platform waiting room
Wootton Wawen station bridge Manufacturer's plaque

Above-left we look across to the 'bunker' on the Stratford platform - not really anything else to say about this station. More interestingly is the shot above-right looking-up to the Wawensmere Road bridge. On it we can make-out a plaque from the Engineering company who built the span: "E.C.J Keay Ld, Contractors - Engineers - Darlaston - Birmingham 1906".


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