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Great Bridge South station 1967 (David Bathurst)
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Great Bridge South Station

1866 - 1915:1920 - 1964

Great Bridge South was opened by the GWR in 1866 and, apart from closure during the Great War, remained in use until 1964. Interestingly, this station and its LNWR couterpart which was virtually 'over the road' were both known as Great Bridge station until 1950. Now, from the outset I have to say that the locations of both the Great Bridge stations are a little hard to pin down these days as the area has been heavily redeveloped and roads realigned - including the construction of the A41. That being said, I am 99% certain that I located the correct spot although to look at the photos of the current site it is hard to make comparisons with the above image (photo: David Bathurst) from 1967. The station was at a raised level and crossed New Road via a bridge - however, none of this remains today.

Great Bridge South station cleared site, New Road
Great Bridge South station site

Above-left is the now cleared site of Great Bridge South station as viewed from New Road - the site is at the corner of New Road and Horseley Heath and, as can be seen, has been levelled and the Horseley Heath side now hosts a car showroom and some industrial units. The New Road side is still bordered by an old railway wall however. Above-right we are looking at the corner of New Road and Horseley Heath: the top of the bushes in the centre of the shot is the level of the old station site and if you go there you can just make out some blue-brick walling at the top of the embankment behind the car showroom which is just out of shot around the corner on Horseley Heath.

Great Bridge South station site
Great Bridge South station site

Above we can see two photographs taken on New Road showing the remainder of the wall which was around the yard and station site. The building shown is now a small industrial unit and I assume was once part of the railway site - however, I cannot be certain of this and would be grateful if anyone who remembers the station could confirm/refute this. All-in-all there is nothing to recommend a visit to this site as clearance work and the building of a major traffic junction has obliterated the station site and almost all traces of its railway heritage.


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