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Camp Hill, 1904
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Camp Hill Station

1867 - 1941

Camp Hill Station, seen above sometime during the early 1900s looking towards the City (photo: Birmingham Library), opened in 1867 under the Midland Railway as 'Camp Hill & Balsall Heath', being renamed plain 'Camp Hill' in 1904. As with all passenger stations on this line, Camp Hill Station closed in 1941 due to 'wartime economy measures' and failed to reopen. As an interesting aside, this station suffered from the same renaming phenomenon as many on this line (Lifford, Kings Heath) in that it was the second station to be known as Camp Hill: the first one being what later became Camp Hill Goods which interestingly outlasted the user life of this Camp Hill Station by some 25 years!

Bridge, Obersley Road
Camp Hill old station entrance, Ombersley Road

Above-left we are in Ombersley Road looking towards Moseley Road through the rail overbridge - the station was immediately to the right of this bridge. In the photograph at the top of this page, this bridge would be behind the photographer - the bridges seen in the old photograph being Highgate Road (just seen to the left) and Montpellier Street ahead. Above-right we can see the rubbish dump that was once an entrance pathway up to the station.




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