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Bromley Halt (P. Collins Collection)
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Bromley Halt

1925 - 1932

Bromley Halt was opened by the GWR on the Wombourne branch line in 1925 during a move by the GWR to extend a single-track colliery railway line and upgrade it to passenger use. Unfortunately, their optimism regarding passenger demand was ill-placed and the line closed to passenger services just seven years later in 1932. However, the line continued to be used for goods services up until 1965. As can be seen from the above (photo: Paul Collins collection), the facilities provided were of the bare minimum required and make todays much criticised (not least by me) platform 'bus shelters' seem quite appealing.

Bromley Halt entrance from Bromley Lane
Bromley Halt site from Bromley Lane

Above-left we are on Bromley Lane looking across at where once would have been the entrance to the Stourbridge platform of Bromley Halt: the bridge from which the above photograph was taken can also clearly be seen. Above-right is a similar shot to the one at the top of the page: the most noticeable difference here is that the Stourbridge Extension Canal has vanished, being drained and filled-in to the height of the roadway and occupied by the back gardens of a recent housing development. The Stourbridge line is till in situ and the remains of the Stourbridge platform can just be discerned to its right.

Bromley Halt Platform site towards Wombourne
Bromley Halt Wombourne platform

Following a rather perilous route down from the road bridge along what was once the entrance pathway to the Stourbridge platform, but now is a knife-edged ledge, we have arrived at track level. Above-left we are standing with the Bromley Lane bridge to our rear looking at the end of the Stourbridge platform in the direction of Wombourne. I was pleasantly surprised to find both platforms completely in tact albeit heavily overgrown and strewn with rubbish dumped over the back garden fences of houses which now border the cutting on both sides. Above-right we are looking to the left of the previous shot and can see the Wombourne platform still in situ.

Bromley Lane bridge
Looking towards Stourbridge

Above-left we are at the end of the platforms looking towards Brockmoor Halt through the Bromley Lane road bridge. Above-right, to give some perspective we have moved to the 'Wombourne end' of the platforms and are again looking back to the Bromley Lane road bridge. Although I had a good rummage around in the undergrowth, there appears to be no remains of the platform shelters at the site today.

Trackbed towards Brierley Hill
Trackbed and infilled canal from Bromley Lane bridge

Above-left we are back on Bromley Lane bridge and looking out towards Brockmoor Halt in the direction of Stourbridge. The canal shown in the top of the page would have been to the right and is marked here by the line of trees. Above-right I am in the same spot as previously but looking down sharply to track level so that the width of the bridge can be appreciated as it spanned both the railway (bottom-left) and canal (to the top). This is a very interesting site and well-worth a visit but be prepared for a rather hazardous scramble down the embankment to the site of the halt itself.


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